Buddha Teas - Organic Oolong

Buddha Teas - Organic Oolong

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Over the years, many different varieties of oolong tea have been produced, each with their own style and flavor, however traditional oolong tea remains the most popular among these.

The Chinese name, “wulong”, meaning “black dragon”, hints at the potent earthy flavor this traditional tea variety has to offer. Like green, black and white teas, this tea is fashioned from the Camellia sinensis leaves, but its unique preparation makes it a class of tea all its own. Once the leaves are harvested, they are intentionally bruised to create the desired effect while the tea undergoes fermentation and oxidation. Allowed far less fermentation time than other teas, oolong leaves are then pan fired to seal the flavor. The result is a partially-fermented tea with a unique, striking flavor and a pleasantly sweet aroma.

Like many of its fellow teas, oolong tea offers not only an impressive flavor, but an impressive array of nutrients as well. Oolong tea offers several vitamins, including vitamin E, vitamin K, niacin and folic acid. Its mineral content includes calcium, manganese, copper and potassium. While not as high as green tea or white tea, oolong tea also offers a convenient natural source of antioxidants, providing even more reason to give oolong tea a try.

Contains 18 Teabags

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