Buddha Teas - Japanese Cherry Blossom

Buddha Teas - Japanese Cherry Blossom

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A delicate blend of Cherry Blossom flowers, leaves and black tea. This is one of Buddha Teas signature blends guaranteed to tantalize the taste buds.

Every year between the months of March and May, Japan’s hillsides and streets are a veiled with an ethereal fantasy of pink snow. This remarkable vision is produced by the falling flowers of the cherry blossom tree, known in Japan as Sakura. The flower is a cultural icon and is celebrated each year in the ritual of Hanami, an ancient ceremonial tradition in Japan. Hanami translates as flower viewing. During this precious season the flower blooms only for a brief time and is considered a timeless metaphor of human existence while springtime represents a time of renewal. The Cherry Blossom festival unites people in a celebration of nature’s beauty and life, shared by rejoicing in food and drink all inspired by the beloved Cherry Blossom. During the festival there are many food and drinks created with the Sakura flower. 

The petal naturally is mild in taste but when soaked and salted the flower becomes concentrated and is ready to be used in food and drinks. Desserts made of dried petals soaked in salt solution are mixed with red bean paste and is the basis of many desserts such as Sakura Mochi. This is a traditional dessert which we wanted to extract the essence of to produce a delectable tea that favors the flavor of this delicious treat. 

The task at hand was not easy due to the fact that the Sakura leaf when soaked in a salt solution has a savory and salty base as opposed to a sweetness. This is where we tested our creativity and mastery of developing balanced ingredients that produce complimenting flavors. Our master blender had the idea to soak the leaves in a sugar solution only to find out that when soaked, the leaves did not mature and would rot. In search for the solution and with perseverance we succeeded in the worlds first sugar solution pickled Sakura leaves.

Buddha Teas set out to develop the finest blend using a variety of Assam teas which overpowered the delicate flavor of the leaves. We realized the needed to find a black tea that was mellow and light in taste. After several trials with different Japanese black teas, he finally found the right combination and developed an essential ratio of ingredients to produce our ALL NATURAL Cherry Blossom Black Tea completely free from flavoring.

The blend consists of only the finest quality Japanese black tea Sakura leaves and Sakura blossom petals. The black tea is made from green tea and fermented for six months, producing a delicate sweetness that compliments elegantly with the Sakura leaves. The leaves are pickled for six months before drying of which this technique is unique to our blend. Finally, we select petals from a specific region of Japan that are the deepest color of pink and emit an tantalizing floral aroma.

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