We are not a juice company

We are a nutrition based food company, teaching people how to eat healthy and be happy again with food.

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Nickie Peacher CEO & Founder

Nickie is the founder and certified health coach for Urban Farmacy. She is responsible for bringing together an amazing team of nutritionists, chefs, food scientists and health conscious foodies to put together liquid refreshments and treats to fuel the mind, body and soul. Her focus is on teaching people how to eat healthy and be happy again with food.

You will often hear her say we only have this one body. You cannot buy a new one on or pick it out at Costco. Listen to your body, it is always talking to you. If you take the time to listen, you can feed it what it needs to help you help yourself.

Casey Stumbaugh Manager

Casey Stumbaugh leads Urban Farmacy as manager, and the last survivor or as she would refer to herself, an “OG” who was part of the development and start up from the very beginning. Urban Farmacy not only hits Casey on a business level but it is also a very personal, heartfelt mission of hers to help others help themselves. End result she would love for people to acknowledge that every day we eat to fight or feed disease. Not only does she smile when she says “we have a juice for that”, but is a firm believer that the juice is always worth the squeeze.

With a strong knowledge of agriculture and a wide array of experiences from which to draw she has all the criteria to be a substantial team player and asset. Casey is not only a “Jack of all trades”; she certainly contributes humor along with knowledge, creativity, and many more qualities and experiences from within the industry.

David McCluskey

Perpetually nomadic and always hungry, I’ve been immersed in the food and beverage industry for over a decade. Turning out everything from haute-cuisine to good old-fashioned barbeque, I have cooked up meals in four different states and at least a dozen cities. Along the way I’ve also run wine lists, appraised private cellars, and poured a glass or two of bubbly. These days I pour mostly juice and my cooking is done entirely at home, but my passion for food has never diminished.

A proud anti-fast-foodist and self proclaimed locavore, I was delighted to find Urban Farmacy and help with their mission of health and balance through juice. I hope to be a pivotal member of the team for many moons to come.

Eric Ricketts

My name is Eric Ricketts and I am the Kitchen Manager here at Urban Farmacy. My first introduction to cold-pressed juice was about five years ago when my mom decided to start juicing to help my brothers and I improve our diets (we did not eat enough fruits and vegetables). Being an athlete I was all for improving my diet through juicing, and was amazed at the affect all the nutrients had on my performance. I have always had a passion for food and cooking, and have been watching cooking shows ever since I was a young boy. I love being creative in the kitchen and I love that I get the chance to do that here at Urban Farmacy!

I feel both proud and fortunate to be in the position to help this company grow, and to help people be healthier. Whether I am making juices or cleaning up the mess (yikes!), a day at Urban Farmacy is a great day.

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