Frequently Asked Questions

Why are your juices in different sizes
We don’t want to bombard your system with too much sugar.  Vegetable based juices have very little sugar, while fruit based juices are inevitably high in the sweet stuff.  To make sure you’re getting an appropriate amount, we put our vegetable-based juices in 12 ounce bottles and our fruit-based go in 8 ounce bottles. 
I worry that juicing will make me gain weight because of all the sugar.
At Urban Farmacy, we can’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t eat or drink, but we can tell you that we keep our sugar content to a minimum. We put our sweeter juices in 8oz bottles and suggest pairing that with a healthy snack. If you are concerned about calories, take a look at our green juice selection or better yet, send us an email and we will help you choose or even create a juice just for you!
Why should I drink Urban Farmacy
See our rave review page/testimonials. A new customer becomes a repeat because they FEEL the power of our juice. 
We are proud to boast that our juices are true to their word. Our green juice line has been thoroughly tested by a food lab in the bay area and we can say confidently our juices are true to the label. 
What do you do with all that pulp? 
Glad you asked! We do so much with it. From dog treats to fermented drinks, curb balls to cookies, we don’t let that goodness go to waste. We’ve also experimented with adding it to smoothies, crackers, veggie stocks, compost bins, worm boxes, animal name it, we’ve tried it. If you would like to have some for yourself, send us an email and we can get you set up.
When should I drink juice?
Vitamin absorption is high when juice is consumed on an empty stomach or consumed with a small protein rich snack. Urban Farmacy’s philosophy is to drink juice when your body craves it. Cravings are interesting because they usually indicate that your body either needs something or has too much of something. Feel free to chat with our nutritionists about your cravings and we’ll see about finding juice for you.  
Why we don’t pasteurize the juice?
Pasteurizing juice using heat or high pressure can destroy sensitive vitamins and  phytonutrients! We want those in our juice, so to us, it defeats the purpose of juicing.  This is why we stick to strict safety protocols and short shelf lives. 
Why is the Drink By date so short?
The juice in your hand is a live product, meaning it has not gone through a pasteurization process. We ask that you treat your juice with care, that means keep it cold! 
How often should I drink juice?
That’s up to you. We suggest to start by adding a vegetable based juice a few times a week to your current lifestyle and see how you feel.
Are your bottles and lids recyclable? 
Yes and Yes. We decided on these bottles because they won’t break if you drop them and won’t weigh you down when you’re on the go. Why not glass? We chose these bottles over glass because the huge amounts of water and electricity required to clean and sanitize returned bottles start to outweigh the environmental benefits.  Don’t worry, because of our shelf life your juices don’t have time to absorb any chemicals. After enjoying our juice, we recommend you reuse or recycle the bottles.
I want just one type of juice, can I order that?
Yes! We have Just Juice options. Contact us directly and we will happily juice something up for you. 
I want my family to drink juice, but I don’t want all those bottles gathering up. Can I receive my juice or power waters in a glass jar?
We are figuring out the best way to do this. (washing, organizing, storing, and getting the right bottle to the right person...all without breaking it.) We’ll keep you updated!
Are there juices that might help stimulate appetite? 
Yes! Contact us and we will lead you in the right direction
Or reduce my indigestion? A few of our juices are designed to be soothing on the stomach. Email us and we will let you know which we recommend.
Do you offer any cleanses?
No, and we won’t. Our in house nutritionists do not see the benefits of cleanses. Instead, we encourage supporting our body’s natural cleansing and detox pathways. See our blog post about this! 
If you’ve been feeling like you need to change something in your day-to-day, we have come up with delicious meal plans, grocery lists, and quick tips to help you incorporate a sustainable way of eating and living. Why do a juice cleanse or pay money for prepared frozen meals for a short period and go back to they way you ate before? It only sets you up for another round of cleanses in the future. We want to help you find what works for your life. 
Is it safe to drink if I’m pregnant?
That, my friend, is up to you. We take precautions to ensure our juice is processed in a safe way and do our best to purchase from certified farmers. If we wouldn’t eat it, we won’t juice it. Promise.