WTW!! What the Wheatgrass

WTW!! What the Wheatgrass?!?’s more than just a pretty centerpiece or arrangement!


Some claim it to be “the fountain of youth”.  Yes Please!!! I dare you to throw back this little 2oz shot of green goodness, and ride the train of potential health benefits it may bring you or whomever decides to take the plunge.

I always like to remind myself that whatever I put into my mouth can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison…Chew on that for a minute!

Hits close to home right?  Let me just start off saying that Wheatgrass has been a game changer in my own health journey and I hope to inspire, educate, and shed some light on this little powerhouse and why you might want to add it to your arsenal.

I definitely use caution making any health claims or statements considering we aren’t all the same egg and will certainly process new things introduced into our system differently.  Especially if choosing to use Wheatgrass in an aggressive manner to help with certain ailments and in that case or any case I would consult with your doctor before indulging.


THE DEETS:  How to, What to, When to, and my Why to!

Personally I would suggest introducing Wheatgrass slowly especially if you’re a “WG Virgin” as I once was.  I toss back 2oz of our organic fresh frozen Wheatgrass every A.M on a empty stomach.  I repeat that routine Monday-Friday and take the weekends off.  Some studies show to take a shot everyday others state a break is needed.  I have followed Ann Wigmore’s protocol as she states a food or herb used everyday week after week will lose it’s effectiveness as a medicine unless periodic breaks from use are taken.  Now another option may be to take everyday of the week throughout month and take a full week off.  Whatever floats your boat or makes the most sense for you and your schedule.  The last thing we are trying to do here is add more and more to your plate until you feel defeated and give up. Just know by adding this you should be grinning from ear to ear knowing that you’re taking steps in right direction to the ultimate health and wellness that we all tend to search for.


Here at Urban Farmacy we sell fresh organic Wheatgrass processed using a machine called the “Angel” and angel it is especially if you have ever hand cranked out 2oz of Wheatgrass before.  We have had our Wheatgrass tested to see if any nutrients were lost while freezing.  End result not many.  However fresh is best but second best is frozen and very convenient for those of us who are movers and shakers.  You will notice Urban Farmacy offers a weeks worth or a months worth of Wheatgrass shots on our website.  Guess what there’s more we have also added a chaser to follow that shot up.  Which is a definite must if you aren’t a seasoned Wheatgrass veteran or if you didn’t like chewing on Alfalfa or grasses as a child. 

Warning!!!! Tastes like Grass or freshly mowed lawn clippings.  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be!! It’s amazing, and if I have sparked your interest yet see below.


Some Bennies I have noticed while on the grass train:

  1. Haven’t had a cold, or flu in 3 years

  2. Noticeable surge in energy and productivity

  3. Curbs my appetite and cravings

  4. Skin is glowing

  5. My personal blood work and vitals are “Golden Globe Status”

  6. Overall feeling of Health and Wellness…Guys I feel alive!

  7. I have been fighting PCOS battle for many years and it has helped to regulate my insulin and blood sugar levels.

If you’re not a big fan or don’t think you can pony up, don’t worry Urban Farmacy has got you covered by offering a few juices that contain Wheatgrass in them and you would never know!

Just for giggles I thought I would also throw out there the other forms you can get your Wheatgrass in:

  • Powder

  • Frozen – UF offers on website

  • Fresh – UF can provide just give us a jingle to discuss

  • Pill/Capsule

  • Juices – Check out our website

  • Smoothies – Coming Soon

Quote:  It is no replacement for a healthy lifestyle, and high-quality food.  Used as a cure-all along with combinations of bad-quality and toxic foods, it will do little to help. Ann Wigmore


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