Twisted Tropics Cocktail Recipe

Every so often in the winter I get a hankering for tropical sunshine, warm crystal-blue waters teeming with brightly colored fish, and days on the beach spent lazily feasting on mangoes and pineapples…all accompanied by the local choice of spirits, which inevitably in these surroundings, is Rum. 

While I can’t snap my fingers and make the islands appear, I can make a pretty darn good Caribbean-inspired cocktail to warm my winter blues away.  Our Twisted Tropics, a warm sunny-day-in-a-bottle is the perfect base for such a drink.  Follow my directions below and you’ll soon find yourself in Bermuda shorts and sunglasses.


  • 8 oz Twisted Tropics
  • 2 oz Light Rum (not white rum)
  • 1 oz Lime
  • A dash of Grenadine


Mix everything in a cocktail shaker with crushed ice.  Shake until blended and pour into the glass of your choice.  We recommend adding a cocktail umbrella for fun!

The real key to this drink is to use light rum.  You know, the stuff that’s the color of a really light honey.  I know, I know, everybody uses white rum for mojitos and other tropical cocktails, but here you really want the rum flavor to show up to the party.  Distilled from sugarcane and aged for a short time, light rum has a wonderfully sweet aroma to it and deserves to be noticed in the cocktail.  Now I should note that rum in the islands is typically of immensely better quality (and significantly cheaper) than what you can find in your local grocery store, but anything you have on hand (that’s not clear) will still make a pretty delicious beverage.

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