Superfoods you need: Saffron

 Not familiar with this delicious spice from exotic corners of the world?  You should be: Not only is it delicious, but it's unusually healthy.  Here are a few surprising benefits of the potent flower stigma:

Cancer Fighting

Saffron contains a dark orange carotene called Crocin, that just-so-happens to be water soluble.  Crocin, it seems, has been shown to trigger apoptosis in human cancer cells, leukemia, ovarian carcinoma, colon adenocarcinoma, and soft tissue sarcoma.  Not only that, but researchers in Mexico have found that it displays an ability to inhibit human malignant cells while leaving healthy cells alone, and even stimulate the formation of lymphocytes. 


Once again, Crocin is the compound at work here.  Useful in the treatment of age related mental impairments, Saffron has been studied by the Japanese as a potential treatment for Parkinson's Disease and memory loss.  Similarly Crocin and other compounds in Saffron displayed anti-depressant effects in rodents.

Help With PMS/ Hormones

Saffron is extremely rich in Manganese, which helps regulate blood sugar and aids in the formation of bones, tissues, and sex hormones.  For decades, a pinch of saffron in milk has been used to help decrease symptoms of PMS, and stimulate the onset of puberty in cases of late onset (only in girls).

Soothe Skin

There are a number of balms you can make with saffron.  Many start with a small amount of milk and saffron, and expand out from there.  For example, one recipe for skin lightening adds ground sunflower seeds; another adds sandalwood powder for radiant skin.  Another forgoes milk entirely and combines basil leaves and saffron ground into a paste to treat acne and blemishes.  


Saffron was used by the Egyptians to treat inflammation and modern studies have shown that it displays some protective effects in induced ischemia. Creams containing extracts of the flowers compounds are commonly applied topically to eliminate aches, pains, and inflammation.  It's even been said to speed the recovery of bruises.

Ready to give it a try?  We've got you covered.  We infuse our delicious and oh-so refreshing Solar Water with saffron to give it a beautiful golden color and an exotic perfume.  Stay tuned for the launch of this amazing, unique, and healthy concoction!


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