Superfoods you need: Chlorophyll


Oh the green stuff...It's the blood of plants and the stuff of photosynthesis: the decidedly magical power to turn sunlight into food.  Interestingly, chlorophyll is strikingly similar to our own blood, and it can help our bodies in a menagerie of ways.  Below you'll find a list of the big 7, but if you do a little reading around the internet you'll find plenty more...

7 Awesome Benefits of Chlorophyll:

Skin Healing

This is actually a function of Chlorophyll aiding the recovery of wounds by slowing the rate at which harmful bacteria reproduce.  Less bacteria floating around on your skin = fewer zits.  Also, because the green stuff helps to purify your body, it's keeping fewer toxins to hang around and cause blemishes.

Blood Building

It's been suggested that chlorophyll can help your body's blood by improving the quality of red blood cells.  In a study from 1934 it was shown that porphyrins (ringed structures present in Chlorophyll as well as hemoglobin) from chlorophyll stimulated the syntheses of of red blood cells in a variety of animals.  A few years later in 1936, Dr Arthur Patek gave anemic patients Iron along with Chlorophyll, and found that red blood cell counts and hemoglobin increased faster than with Iron alone.  For more information on these studies, check this site.

Detoxifying/ Cancer Fighting

Here's where things really get interesting.  Studies have found the chlorophyll and liquid chlorophyllin can bind to carcinogens and interfere with their absorption in the digestive tract.  More specifically, they were effective at blocking the uptake of aflatoxin-B1 in humans.  This is great news, as this is a toxin found in many processed items that contain grains and corn.  It also interferes with the metabolism of chemicals' procarcinogen. By themselves, procarcinogens don't do a whole lot, but once enzyme cytochrome P450 activates them, they can go on to attack healthy cells in the body.  

Weight Loss

Chlorophyll works on hormones that influence appetite.  A recent study found that people who were supplemented with chlorophyll felt more satiated for a given level of food intake than they otherwise would've been.  What does this mean?  Basically, that you feel full sooner, which helps to keep you from over eating.


Probably the most readily appreciated benefit of liquid chlorophyll is its ability to fight bad breath.  Yes, it's true.  A bit of our green water can keep your dragon breath at bay.  Chlorophyll has also been shown to reduce gas, improve digestion, and even keep nasty ol' Candida albicans under control.

Immune System Enhancement

Through a mechanism similar to that which encourages the production of red blood cells, Chlorophyll stimulates the production of white blood cells (our body's lead defense against invaders) as well.  Additionally, because of its ability to reduce oxidative stress, more energy is freed up to fight disease.


Attributable to its potent antioxidant properties, Chlorophyll has been shown to reduce inflammation.  By removing free radicals, inflammation is reduced by removing or lowering oxidative stress to cells.


Not convinced?  Give our green water a try for a couple weeks and see how you feel.  It's a refreshing way to get your chlorophyll and stay hydrated at the same time.  It's what we drink here at the Urb Farm!


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