So you think you can juice at home?

Seriously. Leave the juicing and clean up to Urban Farmacy.

Our in house nutritionist is working part time at a hospital and isn't always around on juice day. There was a two week period where she wasn't having her regular juices, so she decided to try juicing at home and here is what she discovered.

You think you can juice at home? It sounds kind of dreamy. Wake up. Make a juice. Chug it back. Feel like you could do anything.

We encourage you to give it a try for one week. I did and I quickly lost interest for three main reasons.

First thing: The clean up. The spills. The mess. The noise.

Second reason: The beautiful produce I bought at the farmer’s market and grocery store wilted after a couple days in my refrigerator.

Third reason: The amount of water it took to wash every component of the juicer!

I thought it would be nice to juice fresh juices each morning before work, but having limited time in the morning, I simply could not juice and clean everything up before I had to leave. Perhaps I could prepare the juice before bed? Possibly, but it still uses a couple gallons of water to clean the parts and the produce still goes limp just as quick. 

And what about all the stuff that’s left after juicing? Urban Farmacy calls it mulch. 

Don’t get me started on that.

Just leave it to Urban Farmacy:

They have produce delivered regularly and use the freshest fruits and vegetables for the delicious juice blends.

The juicer they have is really easy to clean, so less water is sent down the drain.

After the produce is pressed, the mulch is used in broths, soups, and stews or used as mulch! Local farms use it for their compost or feed for their animals.

The juice blends are approved by a nutritionist (ME!) and created by our in house juice (and wine) sommelier (David!). Should you decide to juice at home, you’ll be tempted to load up your juice with apples, carrots, oranges because they taste great (not to mention they are cheap cheap cheap and also have a long shelf life compared to the good stuff like kale, spinach, celery, spinach, or cucumbers) but you’ll send your blood sugar through the roof! One of the reasons I was hired was to keep the sugar levels in check. Eating whole fruit is great because it comes with all the fiber, but when it’s juiced, it acts as some serious sugar! I’m not bashing our fruit forward juices. No. They are out of this world delicious, but I just need to eat a little protein snack to prevent my blood sugar from soaring.

I may be partial to Urban Farmacy, but it is only because the health of the customer comes absolutely first

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