Sleep, Stress, and Nutrients

Here at Urban Farmacy we see juice as a delicious, liquid, daily vitamin.

We drink our juice as an everyday liquid prescription for better health. The way we think about it, if we can consistently give our body to what it needs to perform at its best, why not do it? Why not do what we can to keep our body healthy and happy? Aches and pains, brain fog, sleeping troubles, stress, and many other problems we face each day are physical signs our body is telling us something is up.  Before you turn to pills though, consider a few ideas with me.

When I was in my early 20’s, my counselor suggested that I find a copy of “Full Catastrophe Living” by Jon Kabat-Zinn. I found the book after the appointment at a used book store and was surprised by what I found inside. I realised that I wasn’t necessarily ignoring my body’s aches and pains but instead, I was ignoring the signs of a dysfunctional relationship, which of caused loads of stress on my body…and the aches and pains were the result of all the stress.

Let’s be clear, I am not suggesting you go find another self help book. I am suggesting, encouraging you to pause, listen, and give yourself an honest assessment.  

Digestion is a quick stress identifier. I know too many people who have high stress jobs and terrible digestive woes. Stress can come in many forms, like my (old) dysfunctional relationship, financial concerns, or even the world around us.  Al go these things can greatly impact our health and overall well-being. So if you’ve noticed that your digestion has changed, take a look around to see what stressors are around you.

Taking a walk after work, meditating, or listening to your favorite music can be simple (and inexpensive) ways to reduce stress. It can also be beneficial to incorporate some healthy foods that support a positive digestion like ginger juice or gentle celery juice.

Nails, hair follicles, and even your tongue can all be telling indicators and reflect nutritional status.  Take a look at your skin. Is it taut and firm? Flaky and dry? This may indicate a deficiency of some sort. Vitamin deficiencies may be uncommon if you eat a variety of foods, but they can happen if fruits and/or vegetables aren’t eaten regularly. If your digestion has been off or your skin hasn’t been looking too perky, try incorporating a vegetable juice. Sometimes all it could be is dehydration so all your body needs is a big swig of juice, a gulp of water, and rest.

Rest! I promise, this my final word on stress. A good night’s rest is something I promote ALL. THE. TIME. Once I find out that sleep is being neglected, I advise working on this first; it can be a serious game changer. Keep an eye out for an upcoming post on this exact topic. A special someone will dive deeper into the importance of stress reduction and sleep.


Enjoy your juice, and get some SLEEP!!!

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