Product Spotlight: Wildflower Rechargeable Vaporizer

So you've bought a couple of our effective, delicious Wildflower pens, but you're bummed that you're contributing more waste to the landfill each time one runs out. 

Enter the Wildflower Rechargeable Vaporizer Kit....Problem solved! 

This delightful little device is quite the multi-tasker. Not only is it sleek looking, but it keeps your battery fully charged, keeps an extra cartomizer on hand, and stores everything conveniently and discreetly. And because it's rechargeable, you're not tossing batteries into the landfill every couple weeks.  This thing is EXTRA cool because the case itself is an extended battery.  As long as your stick battery is inserted in the case, the larger battery contained therein will keep your stick battery fully charged and ready to go.

Instead, all you'll need to do is grab a new cartomizer.  Whether you need the Aches, the Immunity, or any of Wildflowers other fine products (many of which we do not sell), you simply thread the new cartridge onto the battery and you're good to go.

The oils in these cartridges remains unchanged; it's still got the same blend of CBD and therapeutic oils.  The only difference is that now they're more convenient.

All together, the kit comes with a USB charger and cable, the case, and the main battery for your cartomizer. 

Be Warned: it does not come with any oils.

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