Product Spotlight: Herbal AloeForce

This week we've got a little (or really, not-so-little) bottle of magic for you:  Herbal AloeForce from Herbal Answers.  Herbal AloeForce is a raw, live aloe extract that's been combined with healing herbs to create a truly powerful health tonic.

I know, I know, what makes this aloe so great?

No Alcohol, No Heat, or Harsh Solvents are ever used. The Aloe itself is used as the extracting agent, thus incorporating the herbs directly into the Aloe Vera. (Other herbal juice products simply add herbal extracts). Pure, Potent, Safe and Effective herbal extraction and herbal delivery system. The penetrating aloe draws itself with the herbs into cells throughout the body like no other substance known. What is it in AloeForce that makes it so special? 

Ingredients Cats Claw (uña de gato) This herb is derived from the inner bark, the optimum form of the Uncaria Tomentosa plant, indigenous to the Peruvian rain forests. It has been used for centuries in South America for everything in need of miraculous immune enhancement. It contains compounds known as oxindole alkaloids which have been shown to have a wide variety of properties.

Cats Claw contains isopteropodine (Isomer A), found to be most effective on the immune system.  Isomer A has been shown in laboratory testing to have a pronounced enhancement effect on phagocytosis (the ability of the white blood cells and macrophages to attack, engulf, and digest harmful micro-organisms, foreign matter, and debris). Studies on Cat's Claw being conducted all over the world have identified many beneficial isolated constituents, and like Aloe, several of these have received pharmaceutical patents.  

The "Essiac" herbs, also known as "Caisse's Tea" (Sheep Sorrel, Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Bark, Rhubarb Root): "Essiac" is widely known for its use with cancer by native Canadians who gave the formula to a nurse, René Caisse. She collected 55,000 written testimonials from those witnessing the many benefits of these herbs with their oxygenating properties for cancer, viruses, severe allergies, asthma, ulcers, general digestion and overall immune system improvement.  

Astragalus Chinese herb used for centuries for a wide variety of ailments including diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. Recent studies in Chinese medical journals suggest it may help activate the immune system, may prevent the spread of cancer cells to healthy tissue, and is routinely given to those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.  

Pau d'Arco Known as a natural antibacterial agent, blood cleanser and immune enhancer. Known for its use against all types of infection and used for centuries in South America for cancer.  

Hawthorn Berry Known as a heart tonic for its enhancement of the circulatory system (heart muscle, blood vessel dilation, balancing cholesterol)  

Chamomile Known and widely used medicinally in Europe with reports of its antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and soothing and calming effects. Also known for its use as a digestive and irritable bowel aid.

When you put all of these things together with the raw aloe, you get one heckuva tonic.  It's so powerful in fact, that many people will feel a bit sick the first time they take the stuff.  Why?  Because the AloeForce is removing toxins from your body, and as they start to swirl around before being excreted, they can make you feel a bit odd.  If however, you're not particularly toxic, you'll be fine.  I don't eat fast food, junk food, or more-or-less anything pre-processed, so when I tried it for the first time I didn't experience any unpleasant side effects.  If you know your body is a bit toxic, just go slow and work up to a full dose;  you'll be feeling great in no time!



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