Cocktail Recipe: Saffron Sunshine Negroni

This one may not be for all of you.  And that's OK.  To each his (or her) own.  For me though, this is delicious stuff.  What is "this stuff" you ask? Well, it's another cocktail of my own creation: I'm calling it a "Saffron Sunshine Negroni".  Here again, you'll find a bitter component.

In this libation you'll find our saffron infused yellow water, gin, campari, and a splash of cointreau.  Sound familiar?  That's because the gin/campari combo is hauntingly close to the recipe for a Negroni.  With the combined floral tones of the saffron and orange blossom water, the bitterness of the campari, and a citrus punch of the cointreau, this is an intense cocktail.  It's very smooth, but if you don't like bitter you're going to run for the hills.  If you do like bitter cocktails, try it out.

A brief interlude on "bitter" as a term. 


In general, there are two contexts for the word "bitter".  In the context of food, bitter refers to the flavor of something like radicchio or endive.  In truth, this is bitter combined with just a bit of "tart", due to various acids in the plants.  However you interpret it, many people, until they acquire a taste for it, do not like this bitter.

In the world of cocktails, "bitter" tends to mean "not sweet, salty, or sour".  Most of the time bitters have a distinct herbal component to them, and are commonly not all that bitter.  Are they candy? No, but it's not like eating grilled radicchio either.  If you don't commonly order cocktails because you don't like sweet drinks, congratulations, you probably like bitters.  Below you'll see three pictures of a generic cocktail with varying levels of bitters....The darker the cocktail, the more bitters.

Anyway, the cocktail itself is quite simple and requires only the raw ingredients, a shaker, some ice, and a glass.  Combine them all, shake over ice, pour into glass (don't forget a couple ice cubes).  That's it. Done.  Now lean back, cross one leg over the other, and do your best to look "Mad Men" cool while you enjoy your drink.  Alternatively, gently layer them into the glass for a nice visual effect.



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