Cocktail Recipe: Rose Water Spritz

This recipe may be a little late in coming, but it's still a delicious addition to your mixed-drink repertoire.  Best in the spring and summer months, this delicious libation mixes our Rose Water with vodka, club soda, and Lillet for a crisp, floral, balanced flavor profile.  We've also got a few variations for the adventurous among you.

First off, let's take a look at our Rose Water: It's got a floral rose component, a touch of lemon and agave for balance, and beet powder contributes to both texture and nutritional profile (and that beautiful color!).  I suppose you could just add vodka to this and call it good, but to me that's just boring.  To my mind, cocktails need a bitter component; it doesn't need to be intense, but a smidge of bitter helps to balance everything out....even though most americans rarely consume bitter foods.  For this recipe, I'm looking to Lillet for the bitter profile.  Why?  Because Lillet is primarily made of the Semillon grape wine, an aromatic variety found in abundance in the Bordeaux region of France.  If you haven't had any semillion, you're missing out; it's usually loaded with flavor and comes with a wonderful mouthfeel.  Anyway...the wine is infused with herbs and spices and finished with a solid dousing of citrus liqueur.  This makes it incredibly refreshing.....this is something you might drink over ice on your yacht off the southern coast of France...we can only dream...

Back on track.  Take your Rose Water, add your vodka and Lillet and shake it over ice.  Pour the club soda into your glass (don't forget a few ice-cubes if you're putting it into a low-ball), and quickly pour your boozy pink mixture down the middle of the glass.  No need to stir it, the speed of the mixture falling into the club soda will stir it sufficiently.  Garnish with a lemon twist and sit back and relax.

Now for those variations...

Option 1: Instead of Lillet, try Chambord instead. If you do try this, you'll notice that the bitter component is gone.  When that disappears you need to compensate by adding freshness somehow, so garnish with some fresh lemon verbena to give it a lift.

Option 2: Let's switch liquors.  Get rid of the hard stuff entirely and mix the rose water with some half-way decent bubbly (nothing sweet though, that's just gross).  Before you get anything in the glass though, put a few drops of creme de cassis in the bottom.  This black currant flavored liqueur will mix with the rose water, then with the bubbly (always add bubbles last) and give the drink a beautiful purple hue and a boost of flavor density.  This is effectively a kir-royale, but with a revol8 twist.

Any way you cut it, our Rose Water makes a great mixer.  I've tried all sorts of combinations using aperol, gin, vermouth, campari...even tequila.  Of everything I've thrown at my friends and family though, these are the most widely appreciated versions.  As with anything however, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so experiment until you find one that's perfect for you!



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